TLD Accreditation

TLD Consulting (Pty) Ltd is accredited and affiliated with many legislative and accreditation bodies in South Africa.


NC: Environmental Practice NQF L2 (ID 49605)

NC: Environmental Practice NQF L3 (ID 49752)

FETC: Environmental Practice NQF L4 (ID 50309)

+ Skills Programmes and Short Courses


GETC: General Forestry (ID 50255)

NC: Forestry: Silviculture (ID 50266)

+ Skills Programmes and Short Courses

TETA (Nirvana JV)

NC: Lifting Machine Operations (ID 64829)

+ Skills Programmes and Short Courses


DHET (Department of Higher Education & Training)

QCTO (Quality Council of Trades & Occupations)

DOL (Department of Labour)

+ A wide range of custom developed attendance courses

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