What is the Brush Cutter Course?

The brush cutter training course credits learners to safety prepare and operate a brush cutter in a commercial or workplace environment. After completion of the programme they are able to demonstrate operating techniques and methods of brushcutting, as well as carry out periodic maintenance on the brushcutter.


3-5 DAYS


  • Main components of the brush cutter are identified and their purpose is explained.
  • Pre-start checks and start up procedures.
  • Blades are selected for correct application.
  • Correct tools and refuelling equipment are used before and during operations to ensure sound maintenance and safe refuelling.
  • Harness is adjusted to ensure comfortable operating.
  • Hazards and their influences are explained and their effect minimised.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used according to company policy and/or legal requirements.
  • Escape routes are identified to ensure a safe escape in case of emergency.
  • Safe working procedures and practices are adhered to according to company policy and legal requirements.
  • Techniques for brush cutting are demonstrated.
  • Methods of brush cutting are demonstrated to ensure effective operation.
  • Correct brush cutting method is used in applicable situation.
  • Daily service is carried out according to manufacturer’s prescriptions.
  • Prescribed services are adhered to as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Blades are sharpened according to manufacturer specifications.
  • US 123243

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